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Mobile Development Lessons – Delphi & C++

Free series of mobile development lessons for Android and iOS based on C++ and Object Pascal.

Earlier in the year the 2nd edition of the mobile development summer school was run by David I and Jim McKeeth. It was great fun doing the first edition and its amazing to see how some of the tech has moved on further in the year since we first ran summer school. This years was more popular than ever and has been made available on YouTube

YouTube Playlist for video replays


Blogs for slides and samples:

To get started is easy!

Download your free trial of RAD Studio https://downloads.embarcadero.com/free/rad_studio

or your FREE edition of Appmethod (C++ Free for Android mobile)

Happy Coding!

Summer School 2014 – Android and iOS development training

Last year I had the pleasure of hosting the majority of the mobile development training series “Developer Direct – Summer School“.  It was great fun covering everything from Application UI design to local storage through to remote data collection.

The last year has seem some major enhancements to RAD Studio and Appmethod with new components making some of this easier and more exciting with new possibilities, so the content has been updated and re-run by David I and Jim McKeeth in both C++ and Object Pascal/Delphi programming lessons.


To watch the 6 iOS and Android native development lessons register for free at http://forms.embarcadero.com/RADSummerSchool2014