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New Eddystone beacon format from Google

Google Eddystone™ beacon format

Give your users better location and proximity experiences by providing a strong context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons with Eddystone™, the open beacon format from Google.

I found out today about a new Bluetooth LE beacon format that google have released called Eddystone.

This makes 3 formats for beacons along side AltBeacons and iBeacons.

The Eddystone format, like AltBeacons, is an open beacon format but allows the inclusion of additional data blobs with the beacon that can be updated once the beacons are deployed. A key part of this vision from Google is an integrated cloud based API’s that Google may well hope puts them at the centre of the growing beacon ecosystem.

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What to do with Beacons before you code?

A beacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy device including some information in its advertising data.

Working with beacons requires code to read the beacons and some setup to ensure you read only the right beacons, especially as more and more are appearing! This article mainly focuses on the latter and what you should be aware of before you deploy your beacons.

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