Basketball Shot Clock

Basketball Shot Clock App

  • 14 & 24 second running reset (Default)
  • Customisable time buttons for alternative timings
  • See it on court side screens!
  • Built in horn
  • Also ideal for other sports such as Korfball with a running shot clock.

Shot Clock Timer App
Shot Clock Timer App


Shot Clock Timer - Running
Shot Clock Timer  App – Running

Shot Clock Screen App
Shot Clock Screen App

Shot Clock Running
Shot Clock Screen Running

Shot Clock App Introduction / Background

One of my hobbies is basketball and I am a qualified basketball referee.  For a long time Shot Clocks used to be 30 seconds, then they became 24 seconds and then recently either 24 or 14 seconds

This change under FIBA rules in 2014/2015 season mean that a shot clock reset for an offensive rebound (for example) is 14 seconds only, while a defensive rebound provides a 24 second clock. This causes a problem for a number of existing shot clocks that are set only for a single time setting.

Shot clocks are also rarely seen at local league games due to the cost of the equipment making it hard for new table officials to get experience of doing this duty.

The solution

My solution to costly equipment and need to have two reset times was to create a new application that turns your device into a Basketball Shot Clock.

Updated Aug 2015: Android and iOS links above and Windows and Mac OS X available too..

There are two applications.  The Timer and Screen.

  1. Basketball Shot Clock – Timer
  2. Basketball Shot Clock – Screen

The Timer application is used by the table to run the shot clock, the Screen application turns your Android TV, phone or tablet into a remote display to replace your existing shot clock.

Shot Clock Timer Application

Shot Clock Screen Application

How the Shot Clock Apps work together?

First, make sure the devices running each app are connected to the same WiFi network.

The Timer (App 1 above), is used to manage the Shot Clock. There is then an optional remote display (App 2 above) that can be used on Android Phone, Tablet, TV, PCs etc to show the Clock at court side.

As long as all the apps are connected to the same network, the screens will  auto discover the Timer application (as long as the ports used are not blocked: 2020 to 2040)

If you want, you can also have each team have their own device that is connected, you don’t need to be limited to just two screens at court side.

Fitting your device

As there are so many different sized devices, you can scale the font using the application options. Hint – for the best result, set the time on the Timer application to a value just under 10 seconds and then adjust the display.

Running multiple courts

If you want to run more than 1 Shot Clock Timer on the same network, then you should change the password in the app settings. This will enable the Timer App to ensure only the correct screens find and are able to connect to it.

Technologies used

The application is built using Embarcadero Delphi. This is why its available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X and iOS (or will be once I have my apple account sorted).  The auto discovery is managed through a cool technology called App Tethering with the data passed using standard resources that are mirrored from the main application.

8 thoughts on “Basketball Shot Clock”

  1. Hello Stephen Ball,

    Thank you for the Shot Clock. I’m gonna try it in a basketball game here in Belgium because my Shot clock is broken. I have a problem: There’s no sound (horn) at the end of the time . I don’t understand why ?

    Can you help me ?


    1. Try the Horn in the menu, it may be that the sound is turned down or your phone is in silent mode. It does play OK for me on all tested devices as time expires, but I have noticed some phone run separate volume for media (which the horn is) and phone.

      Also if you have attached to ScreenCast then the sound will be delayed and will try and go out via the attached devices – use the companion screen app for a remote screen to avoid this issue. I’ve used this app on an Android TV and it works great.

  2. Hello,

    I use your app, it work very well, great job! But one problem, i use Commander on my smartphone, and ShotClock app on laptop. I connect them, its good, but when the timer ends the horn only sound on my phone. How to do that horn sound in my laptop?

    Thank You.

    1. Sorry, this is by design, Sound only plays from the commander. You can always plug in an external speaker. Would be great to see some pictures of it running at your games.

  3. Just wanted to your app has been a great substitution for our tournaments where we have been unable to use the gym’s shot clock. It’s been a life-saver! Thanks for making it available.

  4. I do wheelchair rugby and this is the app that I need. The thing is the amount of seconds is different: 15 and 40. Would it be possible to change your default values?

    1. You can set the timer buttons to be what you want under the menu. Would be great to see a picture of it in use at a game 🙂

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