The RAD Studio I.D.E.

DavidMarco, and I were back again today to talk about Development within the RAD Studio IDE.

In this week’s session (which is fast turning into a bi-weekly schedule) we spoke about the IDE, updates to it, the latest features and and how to deploy applications.

David opened with a discussion around the UX design consideration that has been used to reformat parts of the IDE and make it more usable recently, before also talking about new capabilities and features around bookmarking which are very impressive to see.

Moving on, David spoke about debugging and the useful, but lesser known developer productivity features. (including changes to bookmarks and setting carets to navigate quickly to and from locations, even spanning files)

Marco then discussed the changes in the Windows development workflows that will impact all Windows developers, including self-signing applications and getting ready for the future.

The replay of this mornings session is now available on youtube

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