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Working from home – webinar replay

As software developers, on the whole, it’s relatively simple to switch to working from home, and many of us work from home regularly, or all the time. However, with a quarter of the world’s population already in lockdown, the circumstances are not exactly the same as your typical week at work. 

With a majority of workers now trying to work from home, the daily mix of office news, banter, and general togetherness has been dramatically changed. 

So, on Wednesday we tried something different. Organized with Grey Matter (UK Distributor) we ran an online session for developers to meet up, chat and share their experiences of working at home, and what they are finding different under Covid19. 

In the session, David Millington (9 years WFH) and a late addition as a special guest, Marco Cantu (7 years WFH) joined Stephen Ball to discuss their mixed experiences of working from home. Lessons learned, and also tools they use. The conversation included people from Grey Matter and the UK developer group, sharing their experiences as we all, as a community, adjust to the different times around us now. 

What was amazing to hear, was how software was enabling many social interactions to digitalize, and how the mix of tools can deliver both the work and the physiological value even in remote settings. 

The conversation covered using Slack and Jira (managing the discussion and then work to do), Microsoft Teams, Collaboration via Office 365 and Google Docs and more. As part of our weeks ahead, we are looking to run a few more of these on Wednesday to break up the week, but would like your idea of topics to discuss and share. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out your local developer groups for more developer direct conversations. 

If you are connecting with local developer groups… feel free to give them a shout out in the comments

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