New Year resolution – Modernise your Delphi Code

This year is the year to modernise….

Time seems to fly by and prioritising keeping code up to date on the latest versions is for some a struggle. 2016 has delivered a number of compelling reasons to make this year the year to keep your new years resolutions and finally modernise your C++Builder / Delphi code.

This blog post will offer a few good reasons to keep that resolution and places to start to help you modernise your existing code and gain value from it for years to come.

RAD Studio Development today

From Windows 3.1 to Windows 10 – Delphi and C++Builder (the siblings that live together in the RAD Studio IDE) have been powering software developers to easily wrap up the Windows API since the 1990’s.

Today – these same developers are modernising their existing code for mobile, macOS and the new Windows 10 Stores – earning more from their existing code investment. Additionally, existing client server applications are being modernised into powerful restful servers, in part to facilitate mobilisation, but also to rapidly transform existing profitable business logic into the hub of a modern technological architecture.

Windows 10

In August 2016 , Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which followed later in the year with the opening of the Windows 10 Store for applications packaged to use the Windows Desktop Bridge.

Windows 10 Desktop bridge support in 10.1 Berlin arrived in Update 2 (15th November 2016) and subsequently there has been a lot of interest around how developers can package existing Windows Applications for the Windows 10 Store directly from the RAD Studio IDE.

Microsoft have shared publicly via twitter and MSDN that RAD Studio is an approved 3rd Party Installer for packaging Desktop Bridge applications, something (at the time of writing) no other IDE on the market, including Visual Studio offers.

Visit the RAD Studio Windows 10 Desktop Bridge page for more information and overview and how to modernise videos.

RAD Server

With the RAD Studio roadmap pointing towards Linux compilation, migrating to a specialist middle-tier is a move likely to provide strong competitive advantage for developers this year.

RAD Server enables developers to quickly build new application back-ends or migrate existing Delphi or C++ client/server business logic to a modern services based architecture that is open, stateless, secure and scalable. RAD Server is easy to develop, deploy and operate making it ideally suited for ISVs and OEMs building re-deployable solutions.

Built in support that I previously covered for YAML makes it super flexible for sharing with other developers, regardless of the language they use.

One thing I do love about RAD Server are ThingPoints™ – the way you can expand an already deployed RAD Server with remote devices dynamically into a network of IoT devices is amazing and certainly one to watch out for more on in 2017!

If you haven’t read and watched it already, I suggest looking at this excellent migrating to RAD Server case study from Malcolm Groves at Code Partners.

Look at what the cool kids are doing!

Certainly, if you haven’t checked out the cool apps contest winners, its worth a look (or maybe even entering).

As many cool apps show, keeping your code modern and flexible helps save time and gets you to new markets faster. The modern VCL and FMX frameworks and their supporting cross platform “system.” libraries enable developers to take advantage of not just a single cross platform ready codebase, but are built on top of modern language features such as unicode, generics, RTTI & attributes, automatic reference counting and more.

Need to update or refresh your Delphi language skills? For those on the latest RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builder with update subscription you can download Marco Cantu’s latest Object Pascal book for free! – Note during 2016, Embarcadero moved to the update subscription model with 10.1 Berlin bundling 1 years subscription – subsequently if you purchased 10.1 Berlin, you are on update subscription


Beyond DocWiki – e.g. on RAD Server there are number of useful resources and collection of resources below.

Modernise or Become Extinct

Webinar by (Jim Mckeeth and Nick Hodges) – Great watch, the first bit is a bit of a fireside chat, but once it gets going, awesome overview of a number of the topics covered here.

Migration and Upgrade Center

The Migration and Upgrade Center brings together all the best resources for you to

Migrating Delphi Case Studies – Webinar

I would also recommend this webinar replay for Migrating Delphi. The case studies and tools described reference back to the migration and upgrade center and if you prefer to watch than read… definitely one to use.

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