InterBase XE7 Update 6

InterBase XE7 – Update 6

InterBase XE7 update 6 is now available for general release. The patch is available for server-based Editions of InterBase XE7 only on Windows and Linux for both 32bit and 64bit

For notes on previous InterBase XE7 updates please select the links below

What’s fixed in InterBase XE7 – Update 6?

In short. no new features, just a few bug fixes to the InterBase core kernel and IBConsole: See full list here

  • Windows 10 update deletes Files in AppData Directory
  • Deadlock at database header page when enabling database shadowing
  • IBConsole does not show proper value for “Page Buffers” in Database Properties form
  • IBConsole Trigger editor fixes
  • Change View Subscription causes columns in a group by to be null
  • Database corruption during fast expansion of single table from multiple clients

Downloading latest InterBase XE7

Embarcadero CodeCentral “Registered Users” can download the patch binaries (Server/Desktop/Developer/Trial) for Windows and Linux, and, ToGo Edition. You can find the downloads at

For new users, the trial and developer editions are available for free at

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