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InterBase Journaling

We (geeks) should all know that applications that run in memory run faster than those that have regular disk I/O.

Having more of the data processing in memory has a positive effect on speed and performance,  however its not without risk. As memory is transient, you are always at risk of data loss if the data in memory hasn’t been saved to disk (which is where you get the disk i/o speed degradation again.

InterBase brings together the speed of in memory data processing with the security of immediate disk I/O with InterBase Journaling. The write ahead logging enables InterBase to securely log the write transactions to the journal making the best of both worlds possible.

Using Journaling – the basics

Journaling is easily added to existing InterBase deployments. It can be as simple as running the following SQL


There are a number of parameters, that can be passed in, to specify journal location, how often the disk is written to (which makes recovery faster)

Removing a journal

To remove the journal (which you should do if you are moving the database)  is as simple as

Drop Journal;

Once moved, set the Journal backup and off you go!!!

With it being that simple to boost the performance of your InterBase database and add in automatic recovery of transient data, what are you waiting for! Speed up your InterBase today!!

2 thoughts on “InterBase Journaling – InterBase Labs”

  1. Hi Stephen
    I have tried to use journaling on my interbase database. However when I try to restore using: gbak -user SYSDBA -password masterkey -archive_recover
    I get gbak: ERROR Your user name and password are not defined.
    It creates the database but does not load the journal files. I was wondering have you come across this problem before and if so what is the work around?

    1. You need to replace those default username and password with the ones your database uses in production.

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