LiveBindings in VCL – Part 6 – Master Object, Detail TDataSet

Useful background to this post is available in post 4 (Linking to an Object for master detail) and post 5 (advanced master detail).

Filtering a TDataSet as detail of an object

Having explored how to link to a Master Detail relationship and created a funky anonymous method to return the data, I thought there is no reason why I should have to be returning linked data. The data could be from anywhere.

One example people have asked about when I’ve been at developer events is how to link an object to be the master for filtering a TDataSet… well, this actually provides a simple example for doing exactly this (as you can see in this video)

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LiveBindings in VCL – Part 5 – Advanced Master Detail Objects

Please read LiveBindings in VCL – Part 4 – Master Detail before reading this blog / watching the video

In the last blog we looked at how to use master detail and how the BeforeScroll and AfterScoll events worked. I also created using Generics a Sync Object that allowed a single detail object to be linked to.

As promised, this blog post takes it a step further, using the previous foundation I have updated the code (so make sure you download the latest version from code central from the link below) to allow multiple objects of different types to be linked. Additionally, detail lists are also now available.

Link to code sample below…
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InterBase xe7 Update 5

InterBase XE7 – Update 5

InterBase XE7 update 5 is now available for general release. The patch/update kits are for server-based Editions of InterBase XE7 only on Windows and Linux for both 32bit and 64bit

For notes on previous InterBase XE7 updates please select the links below

What’s fixed in InterBase XE7 – Update 5?

In short. no new features, just a few bug fixes that improve stability of the core around some specific scenarios reported where:

  • InterBase becomes unresponsive when many clients run repeated select statements against it.,
  • Incremental Backup cannot be opened or converted to read_write
  • Deadlock on RDB$PAGES when server is shutdown if database has a distinguished dump.
  • Following a database crash, journal recovery is interrupted with error message “WAL writer error”.

The resolved defects are documented on the InterBase XE7 DocWiki resolved defects page .

Downloading latest InterBase XE7

Embarcadero CodeCentral “Registered Users” can download the patch binaries (Server/Desktop/Developer/Trial) for Windows and Linux, and, ToGo Edition. You can find the downloads at

For new users, the trial and developer editions are available for free at

InterBase in the news…

Incase you missed the previous post, InterBase has been shortlisted for an IoT Award.  Make sure you follow @InterBase on Twitter for the latest news on InterBase

InterBase IoTA Awards Finalist 2015

LiveBindings in VCL – Part 4 – Master Detail and Objects as Properties

This is the 4th video and blog in a series on using Visual LiveBindings mixed into existing VCL applications. 

In my last post, we looked at how to bind directly in code, using some common Visual LiveBinding Classes and in the next post we will look at more classes that can be used and the difference in the bindings they create. However before we get there a number of you asked about binding to master detail and sub objects. So lets explore this matter.

More in the blog post.

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