InterBase XE7 – Update 4

InterBase XE7 – Update 4

InterBase XE7 update 4 is now available for general release.

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What’s new / updated in InterBase XE7 – Update 4?

In short. nothing new, just a few speed improvements and general fixes over update 3. Update 4:

  • Improve performance in a few specific query use cases,
  • Fixes a bug in IBConsole where databases may be created as dialect 1 rather than 3
  • Improves the partial backup feature.
  • Resolves a licensing lock issue on Windows 2012.

The resolved defects are documented on the InterBase XE7 DocWiki resolved defects page .

Downloading InterBase XE7 update 4

Embarcadero CodeCentral “Registered Users” can download the patch binaries (Server/Desktop/Developer/Trial) for Windows and Linux, and, ToGo Edition. You can find the downloads at

For new users, the trial and developer editions are available for free at

6 thoughts on “InterBase XE7 – Update 4”

  1. Hi Stephen, I have the following issue and have been struggling around for quite some time with no luck. Currently using InterBase XE7 and in IBConsole – Help – About, I see 12.0.0

    My problem is that I have a table with a NOT NULL timestamp field which defaults to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. But when creating a new record in IBConsole it errors out with “Invalid field value: CURRENT_STAMP”. If I try it with ‘NOW’ it works fine in IBConsole. Doing research I learned that it is a bug that database are created in SQL DIALECT 1. And that is fixed in XE7 Update 4. I have downloaded the free developer which is around 255MB. Also IBXE7_Update but still i have no luck. Also the version keeps 12.0.0.

    Hope you can guide and help me with this. Awaiting your positive reply…


      1. Hi Stephen, I thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay but I was caught up with quite some works.

        Yes, I have downloaded the developer edition from this site and looking at the readme.html I am pretty sure that it is Update4, cause it states “InterBase XE7 Upate 4 Readme. Release Date: Jul, 2015.”

        Here I am sending you a corresponding email that I had with an embarcadero technical guy…

        “Hi Michael,

        I work in developer support in the US and your question was forwarded to me.

        I’ve reproduced your problem with InterBase XE7 update 4 using IBConsole. I reproduced it with a table that looks like this:

        create table mytable (f1 int not null primary key , the_time timestamp default current_timestamp not null);

        As you suggested, if you create the table like the following, the problem does not occur:

        create table mytable (f1 int not null primary key , the_time timestamp default ‘now’ not null);

        My investigation shows this problem occurs with Dialect 1 and Dialect 3 databases. As best as I can determine it is also only a problem with IBConsole. I used the command line tool isql and was able insert into the table just fine. So, this problem should not hinder your application development. If you need to view your data in a grid like in IBConsole, I would suggest database explorer in Rad Studio.

        I searched in our defect tracking system and I could not find a defect like this. While I can certainly enter this, I’d like to encourage you to enter it in our quality portal. That way you can enter it in your own words, track it’s progress, and others can view and vote on it. If you can let me know the defect number that would be helpful.

        I will note that as I write this access to our newsgroups is currently down. IT is working on it, and should have it fixed later today. Our community portal is similar to our forums. You can access it via

        Finally, while your problem does not appear to be specific to dialect 1, we do encourage people to move to dialect 3. We have a tool we are working on help with this migration. If you’d like to me try it against your database, let me know and I’ll work on it.

        Quinn Wildman
        Developer Support

        Hopefully you are able to help me with this matter, I remain…

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