InterBase XE7 – Update 1 Released

InterBase XE7 Update 1 Overview

InterBase XE7, update 1 went live on Friday and brings with it SQL language enhancements for Change View, and some updates to IBConsole and the availability of InterBase ToGo for XE7

Full details about the update are available on the InterBase DocWiki

Change View Updates

There are 2 major additions to InterBase Change Views in Update 1

Drop Subscription

Prior to update 1 you had to manually drop a subscription via an SQL statement. This was a temporary solution and has now been replaced with the correct SQL syntax


If you want to remove a subscription that has subscribers you must use the CASCADE command as RESTRICT is the default.

Change View SQL Extensions

InterBase SQL now includes additional language to support querying about the changed state of specific fields via the <FIELD> IS [NOT] {CHANGED | INSERTED | UPDATED | DELETED} clause.

Take the following example.  Lets imagine we have two employee records that have been modified.

  • EMP_NO 39 has their DEPT_NO changed
  • EMP_NO 109 has their SALARY changed.

At run time you want to select only those that have had a SALARY change prior to processing staff payments. To achieve this first, a Change View subscription is set active (making any SQL statement subsequently run only return the delta for that subscriber). Then SQL where clause then filters further where the SALARY IS UPDATED.

SET SUBSCRIPTION sub_employee_changes at 'MyDeviceID' ACTIVE;

EMP_NO     DEPT_NO           SALARY
--------   ----------        ----------
109        600               75000

Regardless of what you select, the commit will still bring

InterBase IBConsole Updates

InterBase IBConsole has a number of new features, introduced in Update 1 designed to get you started quicker.

IBConsole Start Here
IBConsole Start Here

Getting started with InterBase

When you open IBConsole now you find the new InterBase – Start Here page as a tab at the top of the screen. The start here page includes containing details about Community and featured posts, as well as training videos and direct links to the documentation. While an offline page ships with IBConsole, If you want to see this page now, please visit

Having this page online allows us to improve our communication with our customers about critical information and appropriate news.

Recent Databases

There is also a new feature in the bottom left of the screen (see image above or below) enabling you to quickly connect back to the recent database you have been working on.

This windows shows you the database name, server and also the when you last accessed the database via IBConsole.

Change Views

Change View IBConsole

IBConsole also now includes access to work with subscriptions.

InterBase ToGo XE7

InterBase XE7 ToGo trial edition is now available for download – more details to come soon about ToGo.

InterBase Change Views Demo and Video

InterBase Change Views Example Demo

This week I hosted a Skill Sprints session looking at InterBase Change Views with an example set of code working around a Pharmacy needing to keep centralised drug information updated at distributed pharmacies.

The example code will ship with the next major release of the RAD Studio products – which you can get for free with the current RAD offer

This InterBase Change Views Example demo shows off this powerful way to track on the server what data is changing in a very lightweight and scalable way.

This Skill Sprint Video for InterBase Change Views follows on from the recent blog posts I have done on Change Views which are available here:

InterBase Change Views blogs

InterBase Change Views in Brazilian Portuguese

Last week CodeRage III Brazil ran with a host of great sessions in Portuguese, covering RTTI, App Tethering, DataSnap and FireDAC and also InterBase. Back in December I hosted the product Launch of InterBase XE7 at CodeRage 9, and it has been great working with Dormevilly and Fernando to get an updated Brazilian Portuguese version done, including some of the great capabilities we have today with Change Views. Great job guys 🙂