Embarcadero Acquires Castalia and Usertility from TwoDesk Software

I did a blog post recently about Castalia which includes a video demoing some of the additional features Castalia adds to super charge the RAD Studio IDE.

Having played with it for over a month now, I’m really excited that it will have tighter integration in the future following the announcement yesterday that Castalia has been acquired by Embarcadero.

In addition to the news on Castalia, Usertility has also being acquired. This brings some exciting possibilities for the future around analytics and I can’t wait to see what happens further with this powerful add-on. Can’t wait to see how this fits into the single code base native IoT and multi-device development that we have today!

Full Embarcadero press release:



3 thoughts on “Embarcadero Acquires Castalia and Usertility from TwoDesk Software”

  1. The version of Castalia that came with XE7 for me, makes the IDE dog slow. I had to turn it off, on a machine with an i7 and 16 GB of ram. It sounded like a great improvement, but the reality was it was just too slow when typing code.

    1. Hi Dan, sorry to hear that. All my dev machines now are VM’s running VMWare Fusion. They have 2GB RAM and 2 CPU’s and it seems to run really well. Have you tried another project I wonder if its something specific in the project?

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