InterBase XE7 – First Look Events!!

InterBase XE7 First look live and online!

Starting with the InterBase Product Address at CodeRage 9 news about the new edition of InterBase has been slowly spreading.

InterBase project DeltaForce, named due to its new patent pending technology for tracking and querying of deltas, is a highly scalable, low footprint answer to a number of distributed data set questions.

I’m really excited about what we have coming up in the InterBase XE7 preview events.  I will be hitting the road over the coming weeks in person to present and talk to developers, system architects etc about what InterBase DeltaForce (XE7) can help you achieve and how it can dramatically assist you throughout the product life cycle.

InterBase XE7 First Look – LIVE!

I will be in the following cities over the next few weeks for live preview workshops

InterBase XE7 First Look – Webinar

If your unable to attend one of the live events, then a global live webinar, repeated in 3 time zones, will be going out Thursday 4th December.InterBase XE7 First Look

  • 6AM San Francisco / 9AM New York / 2PM London
  • 11AM San Francisco / 2PM New York / 7PM London

5PM San Francisco / 5-Dec 10AM Tokyo / 5-Dec 12PM Sydney

Can’t wait?

If you are a current InterBase customer, then we still have space on the beta for those of you who really can’t wait. Register now and get priority access to explore InterBase DeltaForce now!

To keep up on on the latest, please follow @InterBase on twitter.

IBLite example from CodeRage 9

The Object Pascal programming source code for the IBLite example from CodeRage 9 that I demo’ed is now available from Embarcadero’s Code Central

The C++ programming version demo’ed requires the data module from the Object Pascal code, so once I’ve cleaned that up I’ll post that as well.

The IBLite example code works on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.  The session replays are available online via the CodeRage website. – More on the InterBase sessions in my previous post