RAD Studio XE7 – includes IBLite for all platforms!

RAD Studio XE7 has been launched this week and brings with it a host of new features and new components for both the VCL and FMX frameworks.

Its nice to see a lot of care has been made with the new language and non visual components to ensure lots of new stuff for both VCL and FireMonkey which is great for older legacy products and also newer mobile ones. This includes access to Bluetooth (that also now works with AppTethering), a new middle tear architecture called EMS (Enterprise Mobility Services) and the ability to plug in a very fast parallel programming library. The full “whats new” list is on DocWiki and I would recommend a read of that before you go any further – There are some real gems in there. (did I mention GitHub support in the IDE as well?)

On the component side, Marco Cantu has done a great summary post already http://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2014_september_Delphixe7_newclasses.html  so I feel free to mention a very exciting edition to the run time royalty free side 🙂

IBLite for all platforms – Runtime royalty free!

RAD Studio XE5 saw IBLite appear, a free version of InterBase (in its embedded format) for iOS, with RAD Studio XE6 Android was added and now with RAD Studio XE7 InterBase IBLite is available on Windows and Mac OS X as well.

I will follow up with some blog posts about using this soon, but there is also now a new “Lite” property on the TFDPhysIBDriverLink. Setting this to true picks up the fact you are using IBLite and will default the drivers to the correct locations for the embedded version.

As IBLite can be used as a client library, for those using InterBase, this also opens up the door to free local storage and client driver in one, to simplify the install process. This can also mean fewer access rights as you don’t have to install the client on a machine if you use IBLite.

As before you do need to generate your InterBase license file and deploy that with your application. The license is supplied in your order fulfilment email. (You can see the steps to take in this video)

InterBase IBLite is a great path for those who want the same easy to use database on all platforms, with the support to scale into the future with the full version. It also is a great path for those moving up from Paradox, especially when you look at using FireDAC and reFind to migrate

More InterBase Quick start videos http://www.embarcadero.com/products/interbase-labs

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